Rethink sustainability

We develop projects of cooperation and solidarity in Less Developed Countries, with an emphasis on marginal communities and indigenous communities.
In Italy we deal with environmental and cultural resources, awareness on sustainable development and support of craft activities in line with the Sustainable Design and Biodesign.
We produce and promote social and anthropological documentaries to raise awareness of other cultures and worldviews.

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The Save the food and biodiversity with art event, organized in the Elsa Morante exhibition halls of Rome, has seen a number of initiatives designed as a collective action of social responsibility (exhibitions, workshops, seminars, talk shows, performances) with the intention of linking art, culture, biodiversity and sustainable diets so that they converge on a common path for nourishing the planet and fight world hunger.
Organization: Plexus International Forum Onlus and Zoe Onlus in collaboration with Forum on Mediterranean food cultures,
FAO nutrition and Consumer Protection Division.

If the existence in all its moments is her whole being, Zoe's town is the place of indivisible existence. But why then the city?  Which line separates inside from outside, the rumble of wheels from the howl of the wolves?

Italo Calvino

News & events

Zoe onlus WINS Energy Globe Awards 2013, with solar pump project in Tunisia

Molti dei nostri progetti si sostengono con i fondi Otto per Mille della Chiesa Valdese.