About us

ZOE onlus is a non-profit association composed of anthropologists with professional experience in the field of international cooperation, social and anthropological research, photographic and audiovisual documentation related to fieldwork. The Association was formed on the basis of shared ideas and experiences over time by the founders, a common ideological and operational plan, translated later into guidelines and project activities.

ZOE onlus was founded to promote initiatives of solidarity and human development in various areas both nationally and internationally. It manages, therefore, sustainable development projects, humanitarian aid and promotion and protection of the environmental and cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, arts and crafts.

In November 2005 the Association gets the tax-exempt status similar to U.S. 501(c) organizations 
The areas of intervention
  • Sustainable development and social inclusion. One of the operational focus of the Association Zoe decisively affects the environment and sustainability. Various initiatives are carried out in Italy and in developing countries with the aim of raising public awareness on environmental issues and sustainable natural resources. The activities are therefore aimed at promoting ecological culture and provide targeted education campaigns, environmental excursions and itineraries, projects for renewable energy production, resource consumption reduction strategies. Always in the context of the environment and nature, the Association carries out activities for the integration of the most vulnerable young people, namely youngsters with physical and mental disabilities.

  • Visual Arts, music and traditional heritages. The second area concerned by the Association is the promotion of visual arts, music and traditional heriteges as tools of education and therapy for children, especially those at risk of social exclusion and marginalization, both in Italy and abroad.

  • The Association develops publishing projects to encourage the spread of social and anthropological works, literature, documentaries, reportages, favoring jobs that use innovative styles and anthropological approaches. The activities include exhibitions, presentations, screenings, and ad-hoc production of audiovisual and photographic documentation concerning the issues addressed in the projects of the Association.

Board Of Directors:

Paolo Buccieri, President

Stefano Mondov√¨, Vice PresidentCinzia D'Auria, Board member
Degree in Anthropology at the University of Rome La Sapienza, Paolo Buccieri has carried out research for about ten years at the Department of Performing Arts of Roma Tre University, assuming the direction of the Audiovisual Laboratory until 2002. He also carried out research at the ICCD of the Lazio Region and various consultations on the management and promotion of cultural heritage. For more than ten years dealing with international cooperation and coordination, as president of Zoe Association  activities. With Cinzia D'Auria has signed various audiovisual works and produces documentaries related to the association's activities.Expert in anthropology of development processes, Stefano Mondovi has 20 years of experience in drafting and management of international cooperation projects. PhD in anthropology, was lecturer in anthropology of development at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. After various collaborations at major international o.n.g., he is working at FAO as a consultant in the field of food safety and biodiversity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Cinzia D'Auria has carried out teaching and research activities as a visual anthropologist at the University of Rome La Sapienza. He has directed several documentaries on social and ethnographic character, particularly on Santeria in Cuba, on the Xavante Indians in Brazil, on the social situation of the Roma in Bulgaria, on the Vodou cult in Togo and the syncretic cults in Mexico. Founding member of the Association Zoe Onlus is responsible for the audiovisual sector, promoting the production and dissemination of anthropological documentaries.