Sustainable Design

The welfare society and the advancement of technology are causing substantial damage to natural resources, producing pollution, energy waste and irrational consumption of raw materials.
The lack of sustainability of this model of development is spreading a new awareness in the production process: the study and research of environmentally friendly production steps.
The Sustainable Design (or even Biodesign) involves designing products with characteristics of environmental compatibility in every stage of its life cycle, through the following stages:
- Study of the life cycle of products;
- Use of cleaner and more efficient technologies;
- Recycling and sustainable redesign of existing products.

The Association  Zoe selects artists and craftsmen who develop sustainable design projects and organizes workshops and other initiatives to promote and develop the concept of Biodesign. The initiative aims to combine craftsmanship with design concepts and sustainability, favoring and promoting forms of crafts that make use of eco-friendly products and methods, and providing an aesthetic-stylistic production support.

Pachamama by Hermann Mejer

Biolamps by Mario Ferrarelli, biodegradable 100%

Biolamps by Mario Ferrarelli, biodegradable 100%

Containers made from recycled paper, by Mario Ferrarelli