Environmental Paths

The project Environmental Paths is an initiative in the field of Social Integration of the handicap, based on the experiences made in the past and proposing new forms of rehabilitation and therapy related to "sensory perception" in natural settings. Daily excursions to the Regional Parks of Lazio, open to people with physical and mental disabilities and people without disabilities, with the presence of specialized operators that accompany and animate the trips.

The close contact with nature resulting in new forms of the "get together", bringing us back to a common language that makes us all "disabled." The disabled person feel the contact with the outside as risky, fleeing into a spiral of regression and dependence. Enter into a relationship with the disabled person is to search for alternative communication modes, where nothing is absolute; everything is relative and changeable. Verbal language may no longer be the dominant communication channel. All kinds of language contribute to the open structure of thought.
In this direction moves the attempt to plunge into the regenerative power of nature, rediscovering the charm of the environment and the elements that compose it as a starting point to discover our interior spaces, developing an attitude of more subtle vision.
Environmental excursions are intended to fulfill different functions: play, socializing, re-appropriation of outer space, listening and contact of our own perceptions. In each location we focus on the environment (plants, trees, noise) giving special importance to all perceptive-sensory channels.

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