Djemberém is a communication initiative carried out in collaboration with a group of artists and musicians from Guinea Bissau.
The project considers music as an educational vehicle to educate people and provide opportunities for discussion and reflection on some issues related to the African continent.
The music is a pedagogical tool particularly effective to communicate and train the population, a tool that provides immediate and direct urges. Music has the ability to bring people together in a profound interaction relationship. It can involve individuals in a meaningful collective experience making them more aware of themselves and their responsibilities towards others.
The pedagogical value of music in the African context finds its reasons also from a historical and cultural point of view, if we think of its historic role in the liberation struggles against slavery, colonialism and apartheid.

Audiovisual and awareness campaigns

The association Zoe, in collaboration with Filomeno Lopes and the band "Bumbulum", produces audiovisual as awareness-raising tools aimed at an international audience, both in the African context than in the European one. Audiovisual support the activities of the band performing at concerts and events, and serve as educational and informational materials on the occasion of debates and conferences in Italy and abroad

The music school in Guine Bissau

In 2013 the association Zoe has created and opened a music school in the city of Bissau (Guinea Bissau), to encourage the social inclusion of the younger sections of the population through musical education. As a meeting point and a place of culture and education, the school wants to offer children and adolescents the opportunity for harmonious growth, improving the cultural development of the person and in outlining artistic and professional opportunities both in music both in humanitarian work.